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What is Texxi

Dynamic Largescale Ridesharing

Texxi::Transit Exchange XXI Century

On Demand

When it comes to personal mobility, the private automobile is king precisely because nothing can compare in terms of cost and convenience

Real-time Ridesharing

Most cars are only used 1 hour per day and carry only the driver for 90% of their trips


If there was a means of sharing vehicle resources on demand, it would be possible take the majority of vehicles off the road during rush hour. This means sharing


Such a system as this can only work on a very largescale owing to the network effects required. Enough people need to be wanting to share at given time to make the market worthwhile

Turn Key

A system such as Texxi allows vehicle operators and their customers to turn it on and go from day one, after certain conditions are met


Now only the market (that is the cumulative personal choices and opinions of the users) drives the use of vehicles and since the price of pollution can be factored in, this is fair for the planet too

Road & Congestion Pricing

Effectively these schemes are "always-on, tolls, everywhere" and they are considered to be socially inequitable. Now there exists is a means to pay those people who use the road less than a median amount in order to eliminate this social inequity


Municipalities will benefit from the system since there would then be a way to finance both ongoing road operations and new construction in an equitable manner. Only road users would pay


Learn more about what a transit exchange system can do for your citzens and your city

User Choice

Mix and match modes of travel. Bus, car and carpool.

User Peer Ratings

Nothing is 100% safe. People already share buses every day with strangers

Friends List

Find social groups to travel with

Virtual City Concept

Extend villages into a larger virtual city.

Time Domain Maps

Upcoming future heavy usage will show up

My Places

Store places you frequently visit.

In Trip Media™

Create a better experience with like minded music fans.

Intuitive Statistics

The Demand Model allows roads to be priced fairly in real time.

Live Road Conditions

Weather on-the-go. Buying patterns reveal accidents, congestion and inclement weather.

And much more!

All that just for starters...


Some Actual Deployment Results

“We deployed. We made it happen.”

- Liverpool, 2006, 6 months


- Bournemouth, 2008, 3 weeks


- RydeDRT, Isle of Wight, 5 months


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